Grade 6 Division Worksheets

Free grade 6 division worksheets to help your students in this area of Mathematics. Dividing large numbers can be tricky and must be taught in isolation. These free worksheets focus on short division, dividing by 10 & 100 and dividing decimals. It is important to teach students strategies on how to solve each of these concepts and then ensure they get repetition daily. Once you have taught these concepts and your students are comfortable, add them into your daily mental maths. It’s a great way for your students to continue getting that important repetition in an efficient way each day. If these worksheets are a bit tricky, try Grade 5 Division Worksheets. Click the images below to download the free worksheets!

Short Division Worksheets

Use these short division worksheets to help your students divide large numbers. Ensure you teach them how to do short division and let them practice daily, that’s important! Just like any math concept, repetition is the key, and these worksheets will help your students get it.

Grade 6 Dividing by 10 & 100

Challenge your grade 6 students with these worksheets. Teach them how to solve the problems when dividing by 10 and show them the relationship between large numbers and small numbers. Then, have them time themselves or race a partner. Children love a good challenge!

Grade 6 Dividing with Decimals

Dividing with decimals can be tricky! Ensure you teach your children the steps involved when dividing with decimals. These worksheets focus on dividing with decimals using 10s. It’s a skill on its own! See if they can use the tip on the right hand side to work out how to solve the equations. Students will need to know how to divide decimals by 10, solve division equations, and round numbers to the nearest 2 decimal places.

Mental Maths!

Need mental maths worksheets? Check out these resources. They’re a great wat to get your students working on mental maths daily. No prep needed, just print and go!

Personification Lesson

This personification lesson includes a PowerPoint, activities and a worksheet. All ready to go to save your time!