Grade 4 Mental Maths Worksheets

Free grade 4 mental maths worksheets to help your students improve their efficiency and understanding in Mathematics. Mental maths is imperative for children and must be done daily. Grade 4 sees a host of new challenges for students as they’re introduced to a number of new math concepts. These free mental math worksheets will give your students the repetition they need to improve. Give it to them for morning work, daily maths warm ups or even for homework! The mathematical concepts included in these resources are place value, algebra, rounding to the nearest 100, multiples & times tables. Simply click on the images below to download.

Grade 4 Mental Math Worksheets

These mental math worksheets focus on writing numbers, algebra, rounding numbers, multiples and times tables. They’re perfect for daily mental maths during warm ups or even as weekly homework. Mental maths must be done daily and these worksheets are perfect! Get your students to complete them for homework and have them use the answers to mark them. 9 Weeks of homework ready to go! 

Mental Math Worksheets for Grade 4 - Four Operations

These mental math worksheets focus on the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Hone in on your students’ ability to use the four number operations quickly. Challenge them to do ten questions each day and write their scores. After 6 weeks, get them to collate their scores and put it into a line graph! It’s a great graphing activity and students may be able to see (hopefully positive) trends in their ability to solve questions mental math questions.

Mental Math Worksheets for Grade 4 - Multiplication

Mental maths worksheets for grade 4 to test your students on their ability to multiply numbers quickly. These free mental math worksheets will test your children on times tables and multiplying by 10. Multiplication is fundamental in mathematics, and being able to do it efficiently and accurately is important. It improves students’ problem solving skills and reduces their mistakes when making calculations. Get your class to write their scores and beat them the next day!

Mental Math Worksheets for Grade 4 - Division

Division can be tricky for students in grade 4, however, the ability to divide quickly is incredibly important. Use these free mental math worksheets to develop your students’ ability to divide quickly and accurate. Have them time themselves and try to beat their time the next day. Children love a math challenge and mental maths is the perfect time for it! Alternatively, use these worksheets as homework. That’s 6 weeks of homework ready to go.

Mental Math Worksheets

For more mental math worksheets, check out our sister website, FMW. They have a bunch of free mental math worksheets to bring a bit of variety to your math lessons. Click on the worksheets below to visit their website.

Mental Maths!

Need more mental maths worksheets? Check out these resources. They’re a great wat to get your students working on mental maths daily. No prep needed, just print and go!

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