Grade 5 Improper Fraction Worksheets

Free grade 5 improper fraction worksheets to help your students with this tricky math concept. It doesn’t take long to learn to how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, however, ensure you teach your children why we do it. Fractions with numerators larger than denominators just don’t quite make sense because if the numerator is equal to the denominator, that’s 1 whole, so we have to write it as such. To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, you ask yourself, how many times does the denominator go into the numerator. Whatever the answer, that is your new whole number and the remainder of that becomes the numerator, and of course, the denominator stays the same. It sounds confusing as you read it. It’s best to look at the improper fraction worksheets below to get a clear idea of how it works. 

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