Grade 4 Homophone Worksheets

Free grade 4 homophone worksheets to help your students improve their skills in English. Homophones can be tricky for students in grade 4. It’s important to combine explicit teaching, rich tasks and repetition to ensure  your children improve in this area. Use these free worksheets to give your students the necessary repetition. These worksheets work on ‘where / wear / we’re / were’, there / their / they’re’ and other common homophones. If you need more homophone worksheets, check out K12 Reader. They have more free worksheets that will help your students improve in English!

Homophone Worksheets

Editing Task Cards!

Need more English worksheets? Check out these editing task cards. They’re a great wat to get your students editing writing whilst learning facts and information. For students to improve in English, they must be capable of editing. These task cards are a great way for children to practise!

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