Grade 5 Volume Worksheets

Free grade 5 volume worksheets to help your students improve their knowledge in maths. Volume is not overly difficult, but it does take some practice. Firstly, help your students understand area of 2D shapes before you move onto the volume of 3D shapes. Also talk to them about the difference between volume and capacity. Put up some examples on the board and get your students to identify the different. Also, have them identify where they might use or see volume in the real world. Once they make a connection between volume and real world situations, their learning becomes a lot more purposeful to them! Click on the images below to download the volume worksheets.

Volume Worksheets - Cubes

These volume worksheets are a good place to start with your grade 4 or grade 5 students. They have students counting cubes to find the volume of each shape. You’ll be surprised at how much some students can struggle with this concept, because it is quite abstract. Students need to make inferences about the cubes that are hidden. From there, it’s simple multiplication. Teach your students strategies to find the volume of shapes like these!

Volume Worksheets

These volume worksheets start off quite basic, where students can get used to the formula for finding the volume of a shape. This repetition, although sometimes mundane, is so important in mathematics. Have them do 3 questions a day, and by the end of the week, they’ll have a pretty understanding of how to find the volume of a shape.

Mental Maths!

Need mental maths worksheets? Check out these resources. They’re a great wat to get your students working on mental maths daily. No prep needed, just print and go!

Personification Lesson

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