Grade 5 Algebra Worksheets

Free grade 5 algebra worksheets to help your students improve their understanding in Mathematics. Algebra can be tricky and takes time and repetition. Teach your students to isolate the unknown value by using opposite operations. Work through these worksheets with your students and then let them have a go by themselves. I purposefully made the worksheets repetitive to ensure they get the practice they need. I hope you find them useful! Simply click on the images below to download. To keep up to date with quality resources, follow my TpT store!

Algebra Worksheets

I always teach my students to isolate the unknown value. If you can get ‘y’ all alone, you’ve solved the equation. The way you do this is by using opposite operations, but remember…whatever you do to one side of the equation…has to be done to the other. Ex: 3 x y + 10 = 40. Minus 10 on both sides of the equation gives you 3 x y = 30. Divide the 3 on both sides and we get y all alone. Y = 10. A bit confusing I know! Work through it with your students, I’m sure they’ll pick it up fast!

Mental Maths!

Need mental maths worksheets? Check out these resources. They’re a great wat to get your students working on mental maths daily. No prep needed, just print and go!

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