Grade 1 Skip Counting Worksheets

Grade 1 skip counting worksheets to rocket your students to the next level in Mathematics. Skip counting is a part of math foundations. It leads on to many concepts in the future and should be practiced daily. Skip counting by 2, 5 and 10 can be made fun. Give your students little challenges or worksheets to color. These skip counting worksheets have students shading, circling and drawing to keep them engaged. Challenge your children to work quickly and you’ll see their mental math skills increase! Simply click on the images below to download. To keep up to date with quality resources, follow my TpT store!

Skip Counting Worksheets

Skip Counting ideas

Try to make skip counting fun and have your students do it daily. During your maths warm up is a great time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Skip count together as a class.
  • Have skip counting races. 
  • Take your class outside and do skip counting hopping. Make these into fun races.
  • Do skip counting skipping! Get some skipping ropes and have your students count their jumps by 2s.
  • Class skip counting – Sit in a circle and have students skip count after each other. Start with one child at 2, the next child says 4 and so on.
  • The teacher skip counts and when he/she pauses, the class has to call out the number.

Give these skip counting games a try and watch your students improve!

Mental Maths!

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