Grade 3 Mental Maths Bundle | 40 Weeks

40 weeks of Grade 3 mental maths that will help your students improve in Mathematics. This bundle includes 40 weeks of mental maths that don’t require any preparation! Just print and go! It’s a great resource for homework, daily warm ups, rotations or extra activities. Mental maths is crucial and must be done daily. This resource will help! I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Math concepts:

– Addition

– Subtraction

– Multiplication

– Place Value

– Shapes

– Equal to, greater than, less than

– Time

– Adding and subtracting fractions

– Identifying fractions

– Algebra

– Adding and subtracting decimals

– Words to numbers / numbers to words

– Halving

– CM & M / G & KG

– Write the operation

– Number patterns

– Ordering numbers


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