Adaptations Bundle | Lesson, Worksheets, Reading Comprehension & Task Cards

Grade 5 adaptation bundle with PowerPoint, worksheets, reading comprehension and editing task cards. Learning about adaptations can be so much fun. This bundle of resources is perfect for integrating your science with your English lessons. Click to Preview.

This bundle contains:

– Two lessons on adaptations. The PowerPoint guides students through the key points of adaptations and is accompanied with matching worksheets. The second lesson is on biomes and how they relate to adaptations. Your students will end the second lesson by creating their own animal in which they will give adaptations that match the biome. It’s a fun and engaging way to teach adaptations!

– 5 Reading comprehension texts about adaptations. The 5 texts have questions to matching. The topics are Adaptations, The 3 Types of Adaptations, Charles Darwin, Giraffe Adaptations & Penguin Adaptations.

– 20 Editing Text Task Cards. These task cards have grammar and punctuation mistakes that students need to find and edit. The texts are all based on adaptations and have a range of adaptations from different plants and animals.


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